Business Immigration And What It Means

Business Immigration And What It Means

Immigration, business immigration policies vary greatly in Chung, Malhas & Mantel. Some have very strict policies about how many people they will allow to immigrate in each year. Others have guidelines in place to control where immigrants can come from. Chung, Malhas & Mantel has their own reasons for wanting to control the influx of new people into the country.

As much as possible, firms want to attach and allow the immigration of people that will have a positive impact on their country. They want to attach business investors who bring with them a large amount of capital. And they want to attract quality, skilled people who bring with them talent and the ability to find a good-paying job.

It is fairly obvious why a firm would want to attract this high level of immigration. These highly desirable people will be an asset to their new country. They have money and skills and will quickly be producing and investing. This is vastly different that immigrants who are unskilled and often poor.

These immigrants are looking to the new country for assistance. It is important for a country to help poor immigrants, to provide them with the resources to get established and the training to find a job. But no country has unlimited resources. They must make economically sound as well as compassionate decisions about who is allowed to enter their country.

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