labor attorney

labor attorney

There are times when a company owner needs the sage legal guidance of a labor attorney. When tough issues come up, such as strikes, union negotiations, contract disputes, or grievances filed by your workers, it helps to have legal counsel. Every situation is unique, and employment laws change each and every year. You want to do right by your workers and still run a tight ship. With a lawyer’s advice, you’ll be able to do just that.


Today, a variety of industries have issues that need to be addressed by a labor attorney. These different industries have unions or are in the process of organizing them. Some examples are supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, schools, agriculture, airports, airlines, and the building trades. When the workers form a union, they have collective bargaining rights. In negotiations, these workers have a say in whether or not to accept a contract. When problems arise, legal help is needed.

Contract Disputes

When it’s time to renegotiate a new contract between the workers, their union, and an employer, sometimes it goes smoothly and other times there are disputes. These disputes can be on a range of issues such as pay rate, medical care, working conditions, time off, and more. If an agreement can’t be reached within a certain time period, the employees might go on strike. Strikes can be devastating to a business in many ways. First, experienced workers refuse to do their jobs so there are plenty of unfinished tasks. Second, these employees often walk in front of the site carrying picket signs. This causes many customers to turn away and take their business elsewhere. Appropriate resolution often requires the help of a labor attorney so that everyone ends up in agreement. It’s important to take steps that are legal, or charges might be filed against the company.

Grievances Filed

If an employee has been reprimanded for doing something wrong, he or she might file a grievance. The worker might claim that the reprimand was unjust or not true. In this case, a labor attorney would represent the company to defend its actions. An investigation will be performed, statements of all concerned will be taken, and a decision will be made. A mediation may be held, which is a meeting between the opposing parties in an attempt to resolve the issues.

If you have any collective bargaining problems with your workers, you are not alone. This is a common problem in the world of work today. Whether you own or manage a hospital, nursing home, grocery store, plumbing company, school, or any other unionized company, you want to protect it. You also want to stay within the letter of the law while still being fair to your employees.

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