Why you need an Orange County Real Estate Attorney

Why you need an Orange County Real Estate Attorney

If you are thinking of investing in Orange County real estate, the first person you approach for help is a realtor. While realtors are needed to help you find the right home for yourself, the presence of an Orange County real estate attorney is also very important in a real estate transaction.

Your attorney will review your offer to ensure you make the right deal and that all your rights are protected. In addition to this, your attorney will help you understand the purchase contract and how you will own the piece of property, prepare and register all the legal documents for the real estate transaction and also ensure you receive a valid registered ownership for the property.

Your Orange County real estate lawyer will also ensure there are no liens, easements or covenants registered against the property which may impede its use, scrutinize all adjustments before the transaction closes like taxes owed and paid utilities, arrange title insurance protection for you against massive financial losses because of title defects and attend the closing of the real estate deal to review all the papers you will have to sign.


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