Child Custody Lawyer in Los Angeles

Child Custody Lawyer in Los Angeles

In practice, there are two variants that lead to sole custody: either one of the guardians dies (then the sole custody of the survivor is over) or one of the guardians custody is withdrawn by the family court. In case of a divorce of the parents, the common custody remains initially in Los Angeles.


Most parents agree on who the child predominantly lives with and how and when the other parent is allowed to see the child. In case of problems, the Youth Welfare Office should be contacted first. The parent, in whom the child lives predominantly and with the consent of the other, can handle the affairs of the child in the realm of everyday life alone. Hire a Los Angeles child custody lawyer.


This concerns z. For example, the amount of the pocket money, the visit to friends, the eating habits, the bedtime etc. In matters of considerable importance, however, the consent of the other parent is urgently required. This includes decisions such as These include, for example, the change of the child's place of birth, the choice of kindergarten and school, medical interventions or questions concerning religious education.

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