commercial litigation

commercial litigation

There are dozens of areas of legal practice lawyers may specialize in. Some focus on family law, immigration law, or environmental law. One of the fastest-growing fields of legal study is commercial litigation, also known as business law. The subject is an extensive one that covers all business conflicts and includes corporate law, an important area of study.

The following is a list of legal actions a commercial litigation attorney can handle:

* Class actions
* Employment disputes
* Franchise issues
* Debt Collection
* Breaches of contract
* Partnership Disputes
* Shareholder Issues
* Business dissolution
* Disputes over non-compete clauses
* Breach of fiduciary duty

Most commercial litigation cases involve disputes over property or financial issues, as well as contract disagreements. Business lawyers help companies and corporations resolve these cases, hopefully without heading to court. Why is this?

Even if they do not believe they were in wrong, most businesses, especially large, public ones, don’t want to go to court. The money they might save on lawsuits is rarely worth the damage a protracted trial could do to their reputations. Therefore, they often instruct Law Offices of Steven J. Horn to settle if a reasonable deal can be struck.

Not every disagreement that arises results in litigation. For example, when two companies merge, there are invariably financial issues. A commercial litigation attorney in Los Angeles can help by making sure the sale adheres to the letter of the law. He may review stock sales and employee contracts before he makes his recommendations.

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