Things to consider while hiring sexual assault attorney

Things to consider while hiring sexual assault attorney

Sexual assault is the cruelest crime of all and many steps are being taken by many different organizations to stop this crime completely. But still, the number of victims keeps increasing in San Antonio, especially in colleges. One of the reasons behind this is that the victim fails to file a complained or register a case against the person who did it. There is no point of government making strict laws against sexual assault if the person does not get convicted. And the first step of conviction is an accusation, which is the duty of the victim. The second most important thing to do is the hire a good lawyer; the lawyer who will be completely determined to get justice done. You should hire the best sexual assault attorney from a reliable law firm such as Lotze Mosley LLP in Washington D.C. Things to consider to make the case strong are

Gather all the evidence

To win a case, you need evidence. The whole justice system is based on evidence. So it is critical that you collect all or any evidence that even seems remotely relevant to the case.

Keep it private

Your first instinct could be to talk and sort things out, but it is a very bad idea. Do not talk to the other person without consulting your lawyer first. Also do not even talk about your case or strategy in public or to anyone you do not completely trust.

DNA tests

The strongest evidence in any sexual assault case is the DNA test but only when mandated by the court. It is most important that you are the accuser or the accused, do not provide your DNA for testing to the police without consulting your lawyer.

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