Bank Levy Relief attorney, Dallas

Bank Levy Relief attorney, Dallas

Bank levy is employed by the IRS to collect money from your account when you ignore back taxes. When it is issued, the IRS freezes your bank account and any amount is seized upto the amount you owe including interest and penalties.

However, the banking institution should follow specific procedures to freeze your account or withdraw funds. Even after this happens, our professional attorneys at Scammahorn Law Firm, PC can have the bank levy released.

Most times, bank levies are issued, due to poor communication between IRS and the taxpayer. Our experienced bank levy relief attorneys in Dallas will appeal where necessary to stop IRS from levying your property, accounts and wages. We will also keep contact with the IRS to ensure no bank levies are issued in the future as long as you remain in compliance.

In order to stop a bank levy, you should act quickly. Therefore, if you have received bank levy threats, contact us and we will help you correct the problem.







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