Eric Ollason, Attorney at Law

Eric Ollason, Attorney at Law

Eric Ollason, Attorney at Law is well aware of the fact that during legal representation, true satisfaction lies in loving the work that one does. He has practiced law in different fields, but he found complete peace by representing people who were bankrupt and needed a fresh start. This firm has yielded positive outcome for 2 decades now by assisting the clients in understanding their rights, and how law can assist them to start afresh. Process of Bankruptcy needs an efficient and capable attorney who can administer all the paperwork and manage expectation of clients by making the process simple, smooth and easy to understand.

The primary focus of this legal firm is on bankruptcy because they believe that every individual who is bankrupt, has the right to be financially stable once again with legal assistance. They provide outstanding representation and they also partner with families and individuals, so that they can gauge and plan how to resolve the financial issue.

The fields of Practice, practiced by Eric Ollason, Attorney at Law are:

a) Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

b) Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

c) Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

d) Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

e) Small Business Debt

f) Family Debt

g) Short Sales

h) Post- Bankruptcy etc.

Arizona State Bar has approved the attorney of this firm to be a Board Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy. The Eric Ollason, Attorney at Law does not share any advice through the internet. Nor any online forms are filled up for registration or case filing purposes. Each client is been spoken to personally as a part of the initial consultation.

Irrespective of whether a client has a small business that is about to be ruined or an individual has a debt of $20,000 in his credit card, this legal firm can help to put a halt to the notices and harassing phone calls from the creditors. They would also come up with an appropriate plan so that the client is debt free after a certain span of time and is back on track with the finances.

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