Car accident lawyer in Houston

Car accident lawyer in Houston

As a law firm with a focus on personal injury, Charles J. Argento & Associates in Houston handle cases in the field of medical law as specialists. This area of law is more complex and demanding both legally and personally. Here, it is important to clarify legal issues from many different areas and not least to consider the personal fate of those affected in order to find individual solutions.

• Is there a treatment error? Can I claim medical liability?
• Who supports me to prove that?
• Do I need a report?
• I cannot work anymore as a result of the damage. My existence is threatened – where do I get money from? Who do I have claims against?
• My health insurance does not want to pay for treatment, what now? Get a Houston car accident attorney.

Damages and compensation – lawyers for personal injury and traffic accident in Houston

Specialist lawyers for traffic law and medical law in Houston

There are many laws that set out the conditions under which compensation or compensation for pain and suffering can be claimed.

Claims for damages may arise, for example, in the event of a breach of contractual obligations, in the event of damage to your health, as in the case of medical malpractice or in the event of a traffic accident or damage to your property.

Lawyers Houston for compensation money

Compensation for pain is an important form of compensation. It is particularly considered when the physical and mental condition was impaired. Pain, discomfort, changes in nature, diminished joie de vivre, or psychological damage due to injury should be compensated. In addition, the compensation for pain comes to a satisfaction function.

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